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Clay-Union Farm Mutual Insurance Company is the resulting company after a merger of Union Farm Mutual Insurance Company and Farm Mutual Insurance Company of Clay County on July 1, 2019.  Both Union and Clay had long successful histories dating back to 1888 and 1889 respectively.  In 2014 the companies began a partnership by sharing management and office space.  Several efficiencies in operating costs and spread of risk were ultimately deciding factors for the companies deciding to merge.

The merged company has over 700 members and $7 million in surplus. The company has authority to write insurance throughout the entire state of South Dakota but primarily writes in the southeastern corner of the state. 


Clay-Union Farm Mutual Insurance Company has several affiliations that are an integral part of how we do business. The company purchases reinsurance through Wisconsin Reinsurance Corporation of Madison, Wisconsin. Our reinsurance contract protects the company against catastrophic losses and limits the amount of surplus we put at risk on any given year. 

The Company is members of the South Dakota Association of Mutual Insurance Companies and National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies. The company is provided reliable, industry standard, and up to date coverage forms through American Association of Insurance Services. The company prides itself on prompt and fair claims service through local independent adjusters. The company uses local agents who regularly take time to review their customers’ policies.

The company is not owned by shareholders but rather by policyholders which means we put the policyholder first!

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